Plain or Paint! MOO’s plain basic essential wardrobes turn to artful and aspirational pieces with colorful versions for casual wear. The multi-color splash and paint style harkens to the American painter,ement’s leader, who believed that abstract expressionism movement’s leader, who believed that

“The painting has a life
of its own”; Jackson Pollock.

the iconic painter has long been an inspiration for artists and creatives, bringing a wide range of dynamics and a variety of forms of expression and media, not only to be painted on an easel or canvas. Unexpected dripping of colors on a house-painter’s uniform reflects what Pollock said to us. Art can come to life when it appears on something with motions and functions like clothes.

Aesthetically, our classic, relaxed fit, also straight-cut clothing allow movement and is fully functional with the core purpose of utility and workwear:

Trio splash vintage western shirt,
Bill Jacket, workwear pants.

The items also bring in elements and senses of American Preppy style such as white splash shorts. The classic white t-shirt together with the black cargo pants are splashed with contrasting color and uniquely made for everyday essentials. Also, the multi-color paint Hoodie & Sweatpants could be one of your regular basic items too.

The splash garments are attentively hand-done from drop to drop since 2020 by a local Thai artist; Golf – Supakorn Buaruen. His craft splashing technique resonates with both MOO’s essences and abstract expressionism in other perspectives. With the idea that arts are not only to be on canvas, motionless or be shown at museums or exhibitions, but arts can be shifted and exhibited anywhere – even on MOO.